Pediatric Dental Services


First Visit

“First Tooth or First Birthday:” The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry agree that the first dental examination for a child should occur by their first birthday. Early diagnosis and treatment (if necessary) can prevent more serious problems later.
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Oral Health and Prevention

We believe a healthy mouth is possible for every child. With proper oral health education, effective brushing and flossing, minimal snacking, and appropriate fluoride intake, your child can be well on the way to attaining this goal.
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White Fillings and Pediatric Crowns

Sturdy and relatively easy to apply, these tooth-colored restorations are favored by most patients as they closely match the color of the existing teeth and create a protective seal.
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Minimally Invasive Options for Cavities

We understand some parents have concerns about conventional dental restorative treatment or sedation. Although not appropriate in every situation, some patients who have active tooth decay may be eligible for an alternative treatment that utilizes Silver Diamine Fluoride.
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Options for Anxious Children

Our goal is to complete your child’s dental care in a safe and comfortable environment.
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Dental Emergencies

Unexpected dental issues can be scary and frightening. If your child has an accident, please call our office as soon as possible. We will see your child in an appropriately timed fashion. The first 30 minutes after an accident are the most critical to treatment of a dental trauma.
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Special Needs

We recognize that some children may need special care and attention when visiting the dentist.
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