• Minimally Invasive Options for Cavities

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    We understand some parents have concerns about conventional dental restorative treatment or sedation. Although not appropriate in every situation, some patients who have active tooth decay may be eligible for an alternative treatment that utilizes Silver Diamine Fluoride. Silver Diamine Fluoride is a liquid that, when applied to a cavity with a small brush, can stop or arrest the progression of decay in a tooth.

    After application of Silver Diamine Fluoride, the cavity will darken and the decayed area will harden; both of these are signs that the decay has arrested. This application is quick, painless, and non-invasive—ideal for young, fearful, or pre-cooperative children. Teeth which have been treated with Silver Diamine Fluoride may still need a dental restoration to restore the function and esthetics of the tooth; however, this can often be accomplished without local anesthetic or removal of tooth structure.